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Coronavirus Update

Effective May 14, 2020, Alberta dentists are permitted to return to full provision of services, with the exception of non-emergency hygiene appointments.  With the return to full services, we are incorporating several precautions for the safety of our patients and our employees.  

Please be prepared when calling to book an appointment, and when attending your appointment the process will be a bit different.  We have incorporated the following:

* Patient requirement for masks (which will be provided if you do not have one available)
* Management of number of patients in the clinic at one time
* Patient flow within the clinic to facilitate appropriate social distancing
* Pre-screening questionnaire and consent form
* Temperature assessment
* And following all guidelines and safety protocols as outlined by the Alberta Dental Association & College.   

We appreciate everyone's patience during this time and look forward to seeing all of our patients again!  Please use the link on the website to contact us to book an appointment or call us at 780-482-1010.

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